Thursday, February 25, 2010

The morning after

Never show up to someone's home empty-handed...that's my rule. An invitation to a party or dinner usually prompts a trip to our local liquor store for a bottle of wine - something your host or hostess can open on a separate occasion but which they may feel (unofficially) required to open upon your arrival.

To think outside the box, a truly thoughtful "thank you" can come in a simple, unique form. I love the idea of a basket filled with breakfast for the next morning! You can bake them something delicious or give them all the ingredients they'll need for one of your favorite recipes.

For the basket above, I bought fresh eggs and milk from the farmers' market (the glass bottle makes it extra special) and put the dry ingredients for pancakes in a mason jar with my recipe attached. I found a great container for orange juice at Fishs Eddy, and bought a bottle of Veuve Cliquot so they could make mimosas! You're still offering a bottle of alcohol, but you're saying "save this...enjoy it tomorrow". A thank you from the heart (and a bottle of champagne) will surely show your hosts how grateful you are for their hospitality!

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