Friday, February 12, 2010

Be Mine

My perfect Valentine's Day? Billy, chocolate and roses...I'm unbelievably predictable! We visited our friend Jacques today for some chocolate inspiration. The Tribeca store is so festive, his factory bustling with Willy Wonka-like efficiency. Life is simply incomplete without champagne truffles or your personal pick of dark chocolate morsels. A snowy weekend stroll to one of his New York stores is a romantic treat (or shop for Jacques Torres chocolate from home).

Next stop - the flower market on 28th Street to browse the beautiful roses at Fischer & Page. It's a flower lovers heaven with classics like hydrangea, ranunculus, and peonies as well as creative branches like rosemary and eucalyptus berries. I could stand in there for hours dreaming up gorgeous arrangements for my home. Today we bought a huge bouquet of pink roses which are now sitting on our farm table. Love, love, love them! Romance is in the air!

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