Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hamptons Style

I just came back from a short stay in the Hamptons and have fallen in-love with the easy-breezy style that epitomizes this special place. Correction: I've fallen back in-love, as my personal aesthetic has always been inspired by the simple design philosophy of Long Island's East End. I love the clean, white palette, accented with elements from nature (shells, drift wood and hydrangea). Sisal and jute rugs add texture and a sense of organization. The untamed quality of the outdoors is given clean lines with black and white photography and crisp linens. I really think that's all a home needs: a balance between structure (sthira) and softness (sukha).

Sag Harbor has a fantastic antique/home store called Bloom (43 Madison Street) which is seriously the most gorgeous store in the universe (wow, that was a bold statement).

I love the look of the natural wood in the farm table above. The hand-blown glass hurricanes look sophisticated, yet imperfect. The wood and glass work so well together. Notice the black and white photograph by Michael Dweck in the background...the white mat and frame keep it casual.

Black and white metal canisters are like pieces of architecture when arranged on a shelf above the front door.

Built-in white armoires filled to the brim with glass hurricanes.

My dog, Ellie, shopping at Bloom. She's not for sale.

Nellie's in Amagansett (230 Main Street) is my other mecca for antiques. They had so much ironstone I was weak in the knees upon entering but, alas, I need another piece of ironstone like I need a hole in my head. Nellie's has great furniture and seems to be a haven for long, wooden benches.

Don't you just love those framed bathing suits hanging on the wall?

I went home with these cutting boards. The old ones are so hard to find.

"Step away from the ironstone plates", I repeated to myself.

After you browse the goodies as Nellie's, you must pop over to Jack's Coffee (Amagansett Square). Best coffee ever. I'm usually a straight-up cappuccino kinda girl (iced lattes in the summer) but I got hooked on the "Happy Jack", which is steamed soy milk, honey, cinnamon and espresso. It was like a coffee chai. Yessiree, that did the trick!

The moral to this little Hamptons love story, you ask? Keep it simple. Layer different colors and textures of white and accent with items from nature. A big chunky piece of coral set on top of a stack of hydrangea in an old mason and white images framed in white or silver: it's about juxtaposing relaxed with timeless. If your home sets the stage for your life, then surely a balance of sthira (strength) and sukha (comfort) is a good place to start.


  1. i love the framed bathing suits! thanks for sharing!

  2. These photos remind me of your place. Your style indeed!

  3. Lovely photos and your words, as always give me a vivid image of your experience and your appreciation for the good things in life.